Legends of the Coast

  • Trip Duration: 1 hour
  • Adult Tickets: £29.95
  • Child Tickets: £19.95

An exhilarating coastal ride with lots of stories

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As part of the 2017 Heritage Festival we are running this popular cruise.

Whizz along the East Coast of Guernsey on our RIB . Whilst in amongst the dramatic cliff scenery we'll tell you about smugglers, pirates, the great bass scandal, what killed the Governor's wife, unsoldierly activities in a loophole tower, the pirate who hanged  . . .  and hanged, where the werewolves lived. We'll show you the island's smallest fort, where Victor Hugo walked and swam and much more. You'll see both Napoleonic and German fortifications - both important parts of our history.

Above all, just enjoy being out on the sea with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.

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Latest News

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