Bring a thrill into corporate and private hospitality!

Just for fun, take your friends, your clients, your staff or your club for an outing to remember. Go anywhere you like, do anything you like, when you like. We take up to 12 passengers on each boat in complete safety. If you have a party of up to 24 we can run two boats together, adding fun and an element of competition!

For a special day out charter our fast and exciting RIB. Visit the reefs and islets around our shores; see seals, seabirds and maybe puffins and dolphins. We have so much to visit within easy reach.

Hospitality is our business and we will do everything we can to make yours a day to remember.

Many businesses, groups and private individuals have already enjoyed the Island RIB Voyages experience, and we know you will too, so give us a call now to discuss how we can tailor an event to suit your individual needs and give you the VIP treatment.

You can choose from one of our standard cruises, go for our Big Adventure,  or we can create a bespoke cruise just for you and your guests.

Our standard cruises -

Herm Explorer

Visit the islets, reefs and beaches of the beautiful island of Herm. A must do trip for nature enthusiasts, with the possibility of seeing Atlantic Grey Seals, puffins, guillemots and more.  Your guide will also tell you about Herm's rich history and answer any questions you have about the islands.

Takes 1 hour. £354 for up to 12 people

Sark Coast and Caves Experience

Speed across to Sark's spectacular west coast, marvel at the cliff scenery and learn about the island's rich folklore There's the chance to see a Peregrine Falcon swooping, fulmars cackling on their nests or guillemots lined up on the cliff ledges.

Weave amongst the gullies and whizz through the breathtaking narrow Gouliot Passage before visiting and going inside the world-famous Gouliot Caves.

Takes 1 hour. £432 for up to 12 people.

Hanois Lighthouse Adventure

Run along Guernsey East and South coasts as we zip down to the South West corner and get right up close to the spectacular 108 ft (33m) tall lighthouse.

There's a lot to see on the way there and back and you'll learn about shipwrecks and see some of the formidable World War II fortifications.

Your guide will tell you all you need to know, while keeping an eye out for any local wildlife.

Takes 1½ hours. £510 for up to 12 people

Legends of the Coast

Our tour takes you around the coast to see hidden coves and secret anchorages. Whilst in amongst the dramatic cliff scenery we'll tell you about smugglers, pirates, the great bass scandal, what killed the Governor's wife, unsoldierly activities in a loophole tower, the pirate who hanged  . . .  and hanged, where the werewolves lived. We'll show you the island's smallest fort, where Victor Hugo walked and swam and much more. You'll see both Napoleonic and German fortifications - both important parts of our history. 

Takes 1 hour. £354 for up to 12 people

Fast Blast

Why not just blow the cobwebs away at the end of a long day in the office. We can thrill you with our Fast Blast along the coast for 25 minutes, showing off the capabilities of the boat on the way.

Takes 25 minutes. £195 for up to 12 people

Some other ideas . . .

Add a Bubbly Break to any cruise -

Drop anchor at a secluded spot and have a glass of bubbly on us. A good chance for a chat with your colleagues and perhaps to enjoy the sunset.

20 minutes. + £75

Pre-dinner cruise

Relax and unwind at the end of the day with a small group of like-minded people on our popular Pre-Dinner Cruise.

Zip down to Fermain and enjoy a glass of bubbly with our compliments, then cruise gently back to Town, close in to the coast.

Our knowledgeable crew can tell you anything you want to know about our coast along the way.

Berth back at St Peter Port about 45 minutes later and make your way to the restaurant of your choice, having worked up a healthy appetite. 

Takes 45 minutes. From £250.00 for up to 12 people

Herm Water Taxi

There's not always a ferry when you want one if you're spending the evening on Herm. Charter our RIB to get you home in style from only £150 for up to 12 people.

Sark Stopover

Regulations mean that we can only drop you in Sark following at least a 90 minute cruise, but we can add a Sark stop to Sark Coast and Caves Experience or a combination of any of our other cruises. Stop for lunch and a walk and we'll pick you up later.

Cruise with Sark drop-off £500. Cruise with drop-off and pick up £625

More wildlife

Whilst our Herm Explorer covers seals and puffins we can take you further afield we can show you the guillemot colony at Les Autelets off Sark, the teeming gannet colonies of Les Etacs and Ortac off Alderney, and at certain times of year we can arrange for you to land on the bird sanctuary of Burhou.

THE BIG ADVENTURE - Gorey and Les Ecrehous

We'll whisk you to the picturesque little harbour of Gorey dominated by its ancient castle - Mont Orgeuil. The harbour is full of boats and the quays are lined with shops and restaurants to suit all tastes. Savour the unique atmosphere, visit the castle and enjoy a tasty lunch at one of the harbourside restaurants.

Then it's on to the magical islands of Les Ecrehous - this small group of islands is rich in wildlife and if you're lucky you'll spot seals and maybe dolphins. At high tide all that is visible is a few houses perched on rocks, whilst at low tide huge areas of rocks, sand, lagoons and rivers are there for you to discover. A unique and magical place to explore, picnic and swim.

You'll have around three relaxed hours in Gorey, then a 20 minute ride to the Ecrehous. After 2 hour ashore exploring, we'll whisk you back to Guernsey in a little over an hour.

£1,200.00 including a glass of Prosecco at Les Ecrehous.

Some other ideas to think about -

Team building

Kayaking / Paddleboarding in Herm

Clay Pigeon shooting in Herm

Archery in Herm

Afternoon tea in Herm

Herm Oyster Experience

A day in Alderney

A day in Jersey

Bespoke Charters

If you can't find anything to suit you, we'll create something special just for you.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Forecasts are notoriously inaccurate so we tend to make a decision on the day before. We take a lot of factors into account to establish whether it'll be safe and comfortable for you. If the Skipper decides not to go out we'll call you and offer you an alternative date or a refund

We're there when you need us

If the standard methods of travel don't leave or return when you want or are cancelled due to technical faults or weather then why not try Bumblebee? We get you where you want, when you want with a friendly and personal service.

Don't just take our word for it . . .

This is what AON Insurance wrote about their trip last year - 

We chartered two boats on a beautiful clear evening in September for the Sark Coast and Caves experience. The whole experience was absolutely superb and cannot recommend it highly enough. From start to finish the guides and captains were professional and very informative at stops along the way. We moored up towards the end of the excursion for a glass of prosecco and to watch the sunset, a moment that we will never forget. With some fast exhilarating turns and twists on the way back to the harbour, it was ideal for all ages and thrill seekers. It was perfect. Thank you so much and we can't wait to book another tour again with you soon.

Read what some of our other guests said here


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